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Last updated April 27, 2024

Histamine Intolerance Supplements and Must Have Items

Are you running around looking for the latest histamine intolerance supplements?

I collected supplements for years and have a huge cabinet full to prove it. Before you go buying everything under the sun, take a look at some of the top recommended items for people struggling with histamine intolerance. It may be easier than you think to start lowering histamine, create optimal methylation and gain more energy.

Histamine intolerance seems like it’s the new buzzword lately, but there are lots of people suffering from symptoms like:

  • Hives
  • Migraines
  • Vertigo
  • Insomnia
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Allergies

Being one of these people myself, I have latched on to a few histamine intolerance supplements and must have items to bring relief.

Not every recommendation or supplement out there can lower histamine or even stop symptoms so here are the items I have found to help.

stock photo with title of histamine intolerance supplements

Histamine Intolerance Supplements

1. Potassium and other electrolytes are essential for proper methylation. They promote healthy heart function, energy production, and cell stability. I personally take this product myself and notice feeling relaxed and more alert after my daily dose. Here are some signs may need electrolytes:

  • Muscle Aches and Pains
  • Dry Skin
  • Feeling Thirsty
  • Sweating Often
  • Vertigo
  • Nausea

Optimal Electrolyte is my go-to choice for making sure my system isn’t starving for potassium, magnesium and other electrolytes. I have the orange flavor and actually think it takes good, so no need to chug and shiver.

2. The Berkey Water Filter is a must-have for anyone dealing with MTHFR, methylation or histamine issues. Everyone knows drinking water is essential for good health but finding clean water is its own problem.

Your tap water is filled with pharmaceuticals, fluoride, chlorine and a slew of other chemicals. The Berkey Water filter is far above the competition in filtering water, uses no electricity and the filter needs to be changed only 1 a year.

If you don’t have a water filter, you are the water filter. Detoxing is essential for proper methylation so don’t’ rely on your city tap water to be free of chemicals.

Purchasing a Berkey Water Filter gave me the peace of mind that when we drink water we are actually hydrating and detoxing our bodies, not filling home with chemicals.

3. Cutting out the junk food is essential for proper methylation and normal histamine levels. Your body works hard to constantly clean and repair, so you don’t need any extra MSG, nitrates or corn syrup in your system.

There are many reasons for high histamine levels and having a gut infection can be one of them. You need to take care of your gut by eating clean fresh vegetables, meat, and fruit.

Candida overgrowth can take over quickly when your consuming products with added sugar. When candida and bad bacteria start to flourish, they dig into your gut walls leading to leaky gut. This is where your body lets other larger particles through the intestinal wall such as a gluten protein, causing autoimmune issues.

Your body is begging you to eat clean foods to help reduce the stress of processing out all the junk chemicals and additives. If this is a huge step for you, try cutting sugar first, then slowly eliminate your other favorite junk foods.

4. The last recommendation for histamine intolerance supplements would be a food journal. Yeah, this isn’t a supplement but it is priceless advice.

I get asked constantly what foods I recommend and which ones I don’t. The problem is, everyone’s body is different so that’s a job for you to figure out.

After cutting out processed foods, I recommend you write down what you are eating and how you feel after you eat. Keeping a regular journal will allow you to see what is affecting you negatively so you can temporarily eliminate that food.

I can’t provide a list of “don’t eat this” for people. I know people who eat avocado and feel great, while others can’t touch it right now.

No histamine intolerance supplement can replace food journaling. You need to take charge of your health and do the hard work of journaling how you feel after you eat.

Take notes not only your physical symptoms but your emotional wellbeing.

Having struggled with high histamine issues myself, I can say that remaining calm and not stressing does more than most histamine intolerance supplements.

When I start to freak out, my symptoms increase. When I am calm, my symptoms decrease. It’s easy to get into a dog chasing its tail mode when your symptoms are high, you start researching and find more symptoms you have and that increases your stress even more.

It’s ok to take a break from the internet digging and go outside. Breath in some fresh air, play with your kids, take a vacation and find a way to de-stress.

Supplements to lower histamine levels also include lifestyle changes. Earthing is one of the top ways to lower inflammation and distress.

I would love to hear how you are optimizing your methylation, what histamine intolerance supplements you love or any tips you have found to work, comment below.

Comment your favorite histamine intolerance supplements below!


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