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Last updated May 21, 2024

How to Cure Candida Naturally in 3 Simple Steps

Wondering how to cure candida naturally and permanently?

If you are struggling with fatigue, weight gain, migraines, brain fog, and histamine intolerance, chances are candida is the root cause.

I know what it’s like to run on the hamster wheel of constantly guessing what’s wrong with you. Spending years going from doctor to doctor wishing someone would just give you a simple answer. 

It turns out candida overgrowth can cause a mess of health problems and is easily overlooked at medical centers across the U.S.. When the candida gets out of hand it starts to release mycotoxins which poison your body. In some cases, there is strong connection to kidney stones too.

The good news is… realizing it is candida is a huge success in itself because many people are still struggling to find the reason for their suffering. 

Candida seems to be the hidden reason for so much sickness and disease. Once you realize what it is…the steps to cure candida permanently are pretty simple. 

How to Cure Candida Permanently:

Step 1 to Curing Candida Permanently: 

Cut the Sugar: The idea here is to starve the candida. Fungus and candida thrive and depend on a food source and sugar are their favorite.

It doesn’t have to be white table sugar, they will eat all sugars and foods that turn into sugars. Think bread, white rice, and most white carbs. By reducing the sugar the candida will naturally decrease in numbers.

Candida is found in your digestive tract. When you consume sugar from any source such as wine, carbs, cakes, bread, fruit juices, etc… you are causing the candida to become overgrown.

Simply eliminating these foods will reduce their numbers and start reducing your symptoms. 

What can you eat? I’m glad you asked…you can eat any fresh meat, veggies or fruit. Keep things fresh, avoid leftovers since they can grow bacteria and fungus.

Limiting grains is best in the beginning but you can enjoy some quinoa and a little oatmeal from time to time. 

Step 2 to Curing Candida: 

Stop the Antibiotics: There was a time in America where antibiotics were a breakthrough and saving lives right and left.

Many people can thank antibiotics for killing off life-threatening infections. The problem arose when everyone started getting an antibiotic for the common colds and cases of flu.

You see…antibiotics are made from a mold. They are mold. When you take an antibiotic you are taking fungus into your body. Not only do antibiotics feed fungus they also introduce new fungus into your gut. I’m not saying never to take another antibiotic, I am saying be choosy.

You can try natural kinds of antibiotics. Ones that are not made with a mold.

Ask your doctor if they are really necessary. When you take an antibiotic you are also killing off all the good bacteria in your gut causing dysbiosis or a bacterially unbalanced gut. 

Step 3 to Curing Candida: 

Take Antifungals: This is a very simple way to start feeling better fast. Many people don’t realize that even sinus infections can be fungal. We all know that one person that keeps going back to the doc for a stronger antibiotic for a respiratory infection that lingers.

What if you gave an antifungal a try? Yes cutting the sugar will starve the candida off but adding in some antifungals will really speed things along. Most of these I have listed also kill off bad bacteria, and viruses too.  What are some common antifungals?

Here are a few of my favs. 

Guys, these are really cheap solutions to candida overgrowth. These are brands I recommend but you can grab these at your local health food store as well. 

By simply cutting out the candida’s food source and taking some antifungals, you will be shocked that in a week, you will be feeling better.

Candida releases a toxic chemical when they die, so if you are killing them off quickly you may notice some die-off symptoms the first few days. If this happens just slow down a tad. 

Make sure you’re drinking lots of clean water to wash out those toxins released from the candida. This is where we get our delicious clean water. 

Maybe you’re not sure if it’s candida that you’re struggling with. Take a look at some of the Candida symptoms you may not recognize and find out. 

Need some recipe suggestions? 

The Ultimate Candida Diet is full of simple recipes that you can eat while you destroy candida. 

This program was created by a doctor and is full of the exact steps to take and the best supplements that are recommended. 

If you need a more detailed program and plan on getting serious about killing candida, you can check it out at Ultimate Candida Diet.

How to destroy candida doesn’t have to be hard.  Share what you have found that works for you. 


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  1. My son is staying with me right now. He’s 50 years and he lives with constant sneezing and head packed. He blows his nose all day and can barely keep his eyes open. He can’t keep a job because of this. When he takes anything ( tried everything) it knocks him out. when he was young he was the same. ??? Any help would be wonderful.

    1. Have you considered seeing a physician for a possible sinus infection? Or severe allergies? Any antihistamine such as Benadryl will cause drowsiness.

  2. Hello… Is it possible that Candida can affect the bladder as well as the gut and bowel? I suffered chronically last year and the start of this year with thrush and I had a Cystoscopy done in April and was told that my bladder is slightly inflamed and this could be caused from “previous infection/s”. I have a started a diet cleanse and take some antifungal treatments too. Early days yet but this condition has me desperate trying to heal it and to find further knowledge and answers. Thanks, A.

  3. Hi
    I have am huge of yeast ..seems az tho i also have a yeast infection.i try & watch what i eat..i have it so bad n my nose @ this moment..its so painful ..i battle it constantly..i most definetly try & stay away from sugar & bread,,Altho i have stomach ulcermakes it even harderto deal with.

    1. Hi Louise, I’m sorry to hear you are suffering. Cutting out sugar will help but if you have had chronic yeast problems you will need to more than cut out sugar and bread. Take a look at the Ultimate Candida Diet Program, it’s a step by step program telling you exactly what to do and what to eat to concur the yeast growing in your body. It was created by a Doctor and is very complete. Here is the link