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January 7, 2022

How to Count Macros (Beginner’s Guide)

This is an easy to understand-comprehensive beginners guide on how to count your macros. It explains the benefits of counting macros, and how you can achieve all your goals whether fat loss, muscle gain, or performance.
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The 10 Best Health and Fitness Podcasts for Women

Whether you are new into your health and fitness journey, or you just want to continue growing your knowledge, these are the 10 best health and fitness podcasts for women to listen to now! I’ve been listening to podcasts for 4 years now, and will confess that I am addicted. I listen to podcasts on walks, while I clean the...
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How to Make an Ice Bath at Home: A Beginners Guide

Why do you need to know how to make an ice bath at home? Do you think this is only for the top athletes and Olympians? Think again! Cold therapy has been around for thousands of years. Why are people like Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins taking time to cool their bodies down? The amount of evidence it would take...
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