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Last updated July 18, 2023

The Best Gifts for Crunchy Moms

You have to check out these gifts for crunchy moms.

We all know those natural crunchy moms who are so particular about what they purchase and use.

Maybe you are one of them and just want some fun ideas to add to your home. Nothing wrong with buying for yourself sometimes 🙂

I recently had a friend get me an organic seed growing kit and not only was it practical but it was adorable also.

Every so often you have that gift that hits the spot!

Crunchy moms are proud of how they live and the products they use so you want to get them something they can feel good about.

So what gifts could you get for those crunchy moms in your life?

Best Crunchy Moms Plant Gifts

Indoor Herb Garden from Garden Republic – This garden set was given to me by a friend and it makes the perfect gift. Full of organic herb seeds and everything you need to grow them. It’s practical and beautiful.

Costa Farms Clean Air 3-pack – Who wouldn’t want houseplants to clean the air in your home? These plants are easy to take care of and come 9 inches tall.

Scent Stix – Most air fresheners on the market are full of chemicals and toxins, and these Enviroscent sticks are not only non-toxic but also smell wondrous and help you unwind, relax, and reenergize.

scent sticks

Kitchen and House Crunchy Gifts

Reusable Organic Beeswax wraps – This 9 piece bundle will help any mom get started in creating a reusable kitchen and save food in a healthy manner.

Zero Waste Starter Set – Any mom looking to reduce waste and use more natural products will love this zero waste starter set. Every item is plastic-free and ethically sourced.

Berkey Water Filter – I have a Berkey water filter and can’t say enough good things. This gravity-fed filter is one of the best on the market, uses no electricity and the filters last for years. It’s even portable so I wouldn’t be without one.

Eden’s Garden’s Essential Oils – These essential oil blends are formulated for relaxing and unwinding. Perfect for your home diffuser or for any stressed-out mom.

Crunchy Mom Self-Care Gifts

100 Organic Skincare Recipes Crunchy moms are picky about ingredients and often choose to make beauty products from scratch. This book contains easy recipes with natural organic products that any mom can make. DIY beauty is perfect for the best gifts for crunchy moms.

Good Days Start with Gratitude Journal – Starting each day with a thankful mind can reshape how you see life. This journal makes it easy to jot down things you are thankful for no matter how small.

ZonLi Weighted Blankets – Any mom could use some stress relief and a blanket that fights against anxiety. These weighted blankets use deep touch pressure to relax the nervous system. I love this blanket and have a full review here

Vibrant All in One Travel Mug – Complete with a tea and fruit infuser, this mug will keep items hot or cold and is made of double-walled stainless steel. You can use it to steep herbs, tea leaves, or just fresh fruit. Every crunchy mom needs one of these.

Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Bento Lunch Box – Eco-safe, durable and holds 6 cups of food, perfect for any mom who is constantly in the car but still wants to eat healthily.

If you are a crunchy mom, comment below and let us know what kind of gift you are dying to have. Tell us your favorite brands and new products you are eyeballing.

Best Gifts for Crunchy friends

Let us know which gift for crunchy friends or moms you could love to receive.

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