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Last updated March 21, 2023

Cabbage Juice for Ulcers and Gastritis

I’ve had stomach issues for quite some time now and knew they needed to be addressed. 

I discovered cabbage juice is highly effective for suppressing ulcers, gastritis, and H Pylori. If you are experiencing similar problems, you should give it a try too.

It may not look like much but cabbage is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cabbage doesn’t have a strong flavor so it’s easy to mix with almost any other food.

Cabbage juice has a long history of helping digestive issues, particularly ulcers and inflammation.

It is loaded with vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, manganese, vitamin b6, and calcium. 

Did I mention that it’s one of the cheapest vegetables you can buy? 

If you have digestive issues, cabbage juice is an inexpensive way to reduce gastric issues.

purple cabbages in a jar

Cabbage Juice for Ulcers and Gastritis

I’ve had stomach issues for a while now and I’ve been putting things off thinking it would fix itself. Well, it didn’t.

My symptoms were the following:

  • Stomach pain (morning was the worst)
  • Burning stomach
  • Weakness in the morning
  • Nausea when I tried to eat
  • Burping
  • Fatigue
  • Anemia
  • No appetite

Classic gastritis and ulcer symptoms which I knew I needed to address.

I decided I would cut out the harmful foods that could be irritating my stomach and start eating Autoimmune Paleo, which cuts out anything that would cause inflammation.

Each morning instead of having coffee, I started juicing some fresh cabbage with a juicer. 

The quality of the juicer is important so you don’t waste as much vegetable.

After downing my cup of fresh cabbage juice, I just waited for the magic to happen…and it did.

Within 2 days my stomach stopped burning and the morning pain was gone. My appetite is slowly coming back and I ate a whole plate of salad for lunch.

This study shows how quickly cabbage juice can repair stomach ulcers and gastritis, patients drank cabbage juice daily, and most had full healing within 10 days compared to the typical 42-64 days on antibiotics and pump inhibitors.

I’m a full believer in the power of cabbage juice.

To be honest I didn’t mind the taste at all and found with just a sprinkle of Himalayan salt it was quite good. I do enjoy cabbage in general though.

Benefits of Cabbage

Cabbage contains polyphenols which are strong antioxidants that help remove free radicals from the body. 

Lowering free radicals helps to reduce diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Cabbage also contains silicon and sulfur which help to get nutrients to the cells and remove waste. 

It has the benefit of clearing skin conditions and acne.

Cabbage has a long history of healing properties and now I know why.

How to make cabbage juice for ulcers (You will need a juicer)

You can still get huge benefits of cabbage by eating it but I wanted just the juice for my stomach while it healed.

We used the Breville Juicer and it is a powerhouse to get all the juice out of the cabbage. 

My kids love throwing apples in the juicer after I use it for cabbage. 

I find this juicer really easy to pop apart and clean. I can get it cleaned in less than 30 seconds after I make my juice. 

I’ve had other juicers in the past that took forever to clean and it was a deal-breaker for me.

If you have used cabbage juice for ulcers and gastritis with success, comment below and let us know.

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It’s full of video recipes and meal plans that are perfect for those struggling with ulcers, digestion issues, H Pylori, and candida. 

pinterest ready image of purple cabbages in a jar

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  1. I have had acid reflux for years but recently it’s gone into full blown ulcers. I was going out of my mind in pain. When I ate, when I didn’t eat, in the morning and it was keeping me awake at night. I wanted to find a natural way to ease my suffering and stumbled on cabbage juice as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. I was skeptical, but after the first day, I slept through the night. Although it’s only been 3 days, today I ate a full meal and did regurgitate stomach acid all afternoon. My stomach hasn’t felt this easy in a looooong time. I’m hopeful for the first time that I may have found the answer to my digestive issues.

  2. I’ve used cabbage juice a few times for stomach ulcers. Having used prescribed triple therapy the first time I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers and wondering if the cure was worse than the ailment, I looked for a natural alternative. When the ulcers returned I took cabbage juice each day for a week – I used the juice from cooked cabbage the first few days and then juiced raw cabbage. It worked brilliantly. My stomach felt so much better, my energy levels were higher and it was so easy and stomach ulcers healed.

    1. I both have Duodenitis and erosive gastritis according to my endoscopy result. It was disagnosed last July. I don’t have any pylori. I felt better with proton pump inhibitor. I took rabeprazole for a month. Everything was ok until Feb 4th. My doctor did prescribe me Pantoprazole 40mg this time but I suffered the side effects. I switched the Rabeprazole 20 mg. I did just run across about the cabbage juice and I really would like to try it. My question is, I’m living with my housemates that’s why it’ll be hard to use my machine. Can I make it 1 day before and keep it in the fridge whole night and drink the next day? Is it possible?
      Thank you, hopefully it’d work for me too

  3. I’ve used cabbage juice on and off, when needed, for several years when the gastritis or IBS has been really bad. It’s brilliant. Never use it for more than 10 days at a time as it depletes something in your body after that – can’t remember what at time if writing. It’s soothing, anti-inflammatory and very healing. It has a similar, if not more powerful, effect like aloe vera on the stomach – very calming and balancing. It’s heled me heal enormously. One typical raw green cabbage juiced doean’t make much juice but you only need to drink a few ounces of it a day. I get 3 days out of one cabbage drinking once only but if you are really bad, drink it 3 times a day for no more than 10 days – only a few ounces at a time. It’s quite sweet on its own. It’s like a hug for the stomach.

  4. Three years I’ve been suffering from abdominal pain, burning, bloating, gas, and being unable to sleep. I started juicing cabbage and stopped eating greasy food, soda, and sweets. Within a week I felt amazing. Good as new! I was a little scared thinking I had stomach cancer or something like that. Cabbage juice for the win.

    1. were you still having pain while drinking the cabbage juice? did you take peptobismol at all or only cabbage? i juiced some this morning and my stomach hurt so bad after 1/2c :/

    1. Hi Hunku,

      You can use green or purple cabbage. Best to use a firmer type than napa.

  5. Hi Amanda this is very interesting. I have terrible gastritis post covid, slowly improving a lot of gut pain and definite ulcers I’m sure. Thing is I have a wedding I have to be at, I’ve been out of action for 3 years! So I have 3.5 weeks to be well enough to go. When you were on the protocol did you initially just juice or eat aswell? We’re you still having 3 meals? Anything else you would say to definitely avoid? Help much appreciated 🙏

  6. Hi amanda. I hv moderate degree of chronic superficial gastritis. I tries almost all kinds of medicines but all in vein. Does cabbage juice will hlp me out to cure my gastritis?

  7. Amanda – I found TerraPick Green Cabbage Juice Sweetened with Manuka Honey – Natural Cabbage Extract Juice Vegetable Juice Superfood on Amazon. Will this packaged juice work just as well as juicing it?

    1. I haven’t tried this in particular but I would recommend sticking with raw cabbage juice. It’s so cheap and fresh!

  8. I had a very painful morning ehich started at 2 am…. I cannot use a blender/juicer coz it will wake my neighbors up so i chew on some cabbage leaves… Waited for the results… Well after about an hour i felt better, really amazing…. Nature really has a wonderful cure for anything. God bless thank you for sharing this.

  9. Do you have to drink this plain or can you add something like a juiced apple to it? I hate the taste of cabbage juice but apple and cabbage juice taste great together.

  10. I was diagnosed with h pylori on was placed on antibiotics and PPI, am done taking it and still having burning sensation, nausea and weakness after I eat. I’m going to try this cabbage juice religiously but how much a day can I drink it. Can I put the juice in the fridge after making it?

    1. HI Elizabeth, you can drink as much as you want. I would say you can refrigerate some juice but I would leave it in there longer than a day. You don’t want the enzymes to die off.

  11. Armanda. Some say that the pulp must be fermented for 3 days before straining it and drinking. Thank You to let the public know this cheapest(free) remedy … I’m suffering from a burning stomach for 6 months. I’ve tried many remedies, but none of them worked. I just bought my cabbage and made its juice.

  12. Hey! I haven’t got an ulcer but I get flare ups of gastritis when I am drinking a bit too much (when I get carried away)

    I am starting this cabbage juice thing today, but how many cups of cabbage juice am I supposed to be drinking a day? And how often?


  13. Hi Amanda! I was on medication for 2 weeks for ulcer due to H pylori and was treated with antibiotics and PPI for 2 weeks. After the antibiotics, I still feel pain in my stomach so I tried this cabbage juice. I tried it in the morning on empty stomach and like it was magic! Thank you so much. Hoping that my results will be better tomorrow. I just use my mini blender and use a wash cloth to strain the pulp and i store some of the juice only for 24-48 hrs. Currently on my 3rd day now. Can i still drink it even my symptoms are gone already?Thanks!

    1. Hello Amanda, thank you for sharing. I’m a quadriplegic lady with neuropathic pains so I take gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day. I suspect that could be the cause for the H.pylori.

      I’m done with my antibiotics but I’m still on pantoprazole 20mg daily. Is it safe to drink the juice nevertheless?

      Thank you 😊

  14. I have a Nutribullet, no juicer so i am trying the cabbage juice with an apple…i think i have stomach problems and the va dr wants me to try medication…

  15. Hi Amanda,

    Would you recommend juicing a fresh glass every morning, or would it be okay to juice a big batch to keep in the fridge? I’m just wondering if I would lose some of the potency and benefits by juicing a bigger batch to sit in the fridge.

    Can’t wait to see if this makes me feel better!

    Thank you,

    1. I think a glass in the morning on an empty stomach is a great idea! I also wouldn’t keep it in the fridge too long because those natural enzymes may start to die off. Praying you will feel better fast!

    2. I’ve had mild chronic gastritis for a few months now and I honestly hate it. The burning sensation is terrible and I’ve been meaning to find a way to cure it. I also hate taking meds for it but just yesterday I finally tried juicing cabbage, the taste isn’t too bad. Also, throughout the whole day after drinking it, I felt little to no pain! This morning I tried drinking it with an empty stomach, I’m waiting to see the results. So far so good!!

      1. How much cabbage juice in a day did you start drinking? I just started also but i feel like i drank too many ounces in a day

  16. Hello,

    Recently I was diagnosed with gastritis and put in 2 weeks of PPI. This wasnt bacterial like H. Pylori but from NSAID, stress etc. Does cabbage juice cure this kind of gastritis as well?

    1. You could probably blend it and then strain it with a colander. I don’t imagine it would get completely pulp free though. Give it a try!

      1. You just strain the pulp through a coffee filter. I use paper towel as a filter, it strains the quickest. In 3 days my ulcer was completely gone

    2. Thanks Amanda, I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis recently and given a prescription of Famotidine 40MG tablets to take every day before meals.
      I was also told to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. The side affects of the Famotidine was terrible so I decided to try the cabbage juice instead for the health benefits and for a cure . The cabbage juice was a life saver for me. I drink it every morning and felt better within 4 days. I do contine to eat small anti-inflammatory meals but know that I’m on the road to recovery.

      1. Carol, that’s amazing!!! Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I hope it can help other people too!

      2. I feel you..i too have chronic gastritis.. this is so depressing as well..for me the burning pain is intense.. im on my first long are you planning on drinking it for? Do you drink 1 cup every morning only?

          1. Hi:). I have been suffering for two yrs w chronic gastritis and severe burning pain, i just started on juicing green cabbage and i put some celery and a carrot in juicer also to make the taste better, somewhere it says i need to drink like 30 ounces of this daily which is alot! I drank 20 ounces today and have a stomach ache so what amount of this juice should i drink for it to be effective? Thank you,

        1. Hi, i have the same as you and have been suffering with terrible burning pain and just started today on the cabbage juice, i think it might be working but i think i drank too much and my stomach hurts like gassy etc. How much are you drinking?

    1. Hi Mel, if you are on a prescription proton pump inhibitor please consult your doc before making any changes.

    2. I had some pretty serious stomach pain when I ate any kind of food. I dropped 20lbs in a few weeks because my symptoms were severe. I’ve been juicing cabbage for about 6 days now. 3 days were a juice fast, which was probably unnecessary. I’m not having pain when I eat anymore (yay). I’m still being very careful though. The study says to drink 1 cup 4 times a day for 10 days. Participants were 100% healed. Also look in to the benefits of broccoli sprouts and h pilora (sp). If you have ulcers you likely have this bacteria. I hope this helps someone. Good luck, and I feel your pain!!!

      1. Thank you for sharing Miriam. I just started juicing the red cabbage.Hopefully that helps. When you say the juice fast for 3 days, what do you mean by that? Was it only cabbage or some other ones? How is your stomach today? Did you clear the H Pylori?

      1. Hello ive been dealing with gastritis for years.. every now and then i get horrible flare ups.. that last days .. weeks.. so far this year ive had it on and off for a month already.. horrible burning pain..tried rolaids mylanta .. but im really ready and determined to try and cure myself for good..doctors just give you a “bandage” to cover up the real problem.. i started today drank 1 cup 3x a day.. i read youre supposed to drink this for a whole week.. sorry for such a long post but are you fully healed?

        1. Everyone’s body is very different. I can’t give you medical advice and for a specific diagnosis, you would need to talk to your doctor. That being said, You could always try the cabbage juice and see if it helps. You would also need to pay attention to what was wearing away the lining of your stomach to begin with. It could be soda, medications, and pain relievers?

      2. Did you drink 3 oz total per day or 3 oz several times a day? You say in one post you drank it several times a day but you said in another post you drank 3oz? Can you please clarify this?

        1. You don’t’ have to measure it, just drink it. I did a lot in the beginning then tapered off when I started feeling better. There’s not a dosage, it’s just cabbage juice so you can use your best discretion.

    1. Kim Chi is fermented correct? My stomach felt the best using fresh cabbage juice because the enzymes are alive and strong. I’m sure Kim Chi is beneficial though.

  17. How long did it take for your stomach issues to resolve? Is red or green cabbage best? How much did you drink and how often?


    1. I’m sure every situation is different and I am not a doctor so this is just my story. I juiced green cabbage several times a day for a few days and I noticed a huge difference in 3 days. I also stayed away from foods that are harsh like vinegar, spices, and greasy foods to give my stomach a break.

      1. Hi Amanda. I just wanted to ask how you are doing today? Were the effects of cabbage juice long lasting? Have you found any additional remedies that might help people with gastritis and ulcers? Were you diagnosed with H Pylori at the time when you had symptoms?
        Thank you for sharing all this!

        1. It has been 3 years since my juice therapy and I am doing OK. I did use some herbs in meantime as well. I will repeat cabbage juice this year because sometimes I feel light burning sensation. So just as a prevention I will do it again this year.

    2. I did drink half a glass 3 times a day before meal (15-30 minutes) for approx. 30 days. Pain was gone on 2nd day.