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Last updated July 16, 2023

Best Blue Light Glasses on a Budget

woman wearing blue light blocking glasses

What are the best blue light glasses on a budget?

I’ve been reading up on the dangers of blue light and how it affects our health for quite a while.

We seem to be surrounded by constant blue light everywhere we look.

There’s a crazy amount of blue light coming off of computer screens, TVs, smartphones, tablets, LED lights, and even street lights.

Looking at blue light in the evening isn’t natural. As the sun goes down in the evening, the light changes to orange and eventually “fire-colored light”.

When you look at blue light in the evening, you tell your brain it’s noon instead of bedtime. This affects the quality of your sleep greatly.

This can lead to a lack of melatonin production, insomnia, and a slew of other health issues if you are not taking care of yourself.

So what can you do about all of this artificial blue light?

Best Blue Light Glasses on a Budget

We decided to give blue light blocking glasses a try and I was shocked at the results.

Shortly after putting them on in the evening, I felt very sleepy and drowsy. It was obvious the blue light from my tv had been telling my body it was the middle of the day.

These glasses have helped correct my circadian rhythm mismatch.

The blue blocker glasses can get quite pricy and with four children, we are on a budget.

I didn’t want to sacrifice quality though so I studied different companies and found the best cheap blue light blocking glasses I could afford.

We chose amber blue light glasses from Spectra479 and are loving the effects and the quality.

They fit our budget for beginner blue-blocking glasses and they block out 99.9% of the blue light making them perfect for evening time.

I even got the clip-on ones for my regular glasses and they fit great!

Blue Blocking Amber Glasses from Spectra479

About Clear Lenses on Blue Light Glasses

Most clear lenses that are considered blue light glasses are junk.

They only block out 20-30% of blue light which may be okay for daytime use on a computer but they won’t help much for evening tv watching or bedtime phone use.

The amber blue light glasses we are using are only for the evening when we want to scroll on our phones or watch tv before bed.

They are the best blue light glasses on a budget we have found.

You don’t want to wear them during the day because your eyes need natural sunlight.

Sunlight is healthy for your eyes! You don’t want to block the sunlight on your skin or in your eyes during the day.

Biohacking Your Circadian Rhythm

You want your body to naturally follow the sun’s lead.

Examples of how you can help your natural circadian rhythm:

  • Wake up with the sun
  • Get early morning sunshine on your skin and in your eyes
  • Limit screen time as much as possible
  • Grounding (bare feet on the ground outside) as much as possible
  • Limit blue light use in the evening when the sun is down
  • Use amber blue light glasses if you are on screens in the evening

You want the light in your home and in your eyes to follow what the natural sun is doing. It confuses the body when you have bright blue light in your room at night.

Other Ways to Reduce Blue Light from Computer Screens

If you must work on a computer, which most of us have to do, you can lower the blue light on most devices.

My iPhone has a blue light “night shift” mode to lower the blue light levels. I keep this on all of the time.

I still use my glasses in the evening even with the “night mode” on.

For a computer or laptop, Mac has a built-in “night mode” to reduce blue light, or you can download a program called Flux to reduce the blue light on your screens.

This is a great idea for everyone who needs to spend time on a computer.

Let us know what you think are the best cheap blue light blocking glasses you have found for your family.

woman wearing blue light blocking glasses

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