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Last updated November 22, 2020

The 10 Best Health and Fitness Podcasts for Women

Whether you are new into your health and fitness journey, or you just want to continue growing your knowledge, these are the 10 best health and fitness podcasts for women to listen to now!

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I’ve been listening to podcasts for 4 years now, and will confess that I am addicted. I listen to podcasts on walks, while I clean the kitchen, fold laundry, workout and drive.

The best part about podcasts is that they are hands free! I love being able to multi-task and learn while listening, but also still get task done. Whether you are new into your health/fitness journey, or you just want to continue learning, these are my top podcasts to listen to in 2020 and beyond! All are available on the Apple Podcast App.

Mind pump media raw fitness truth podcast image


Okay, the podcast cover photo looks like the podcast is meant for hardcore fitness bro’s, but I promise it’s 100% female friendly. Mind Pump is a podcast with three hilarious dudes (Sal, Adam, & Justin) that are committed to changing the health and fitness industry! The first half of the episode the guys talk about current events in their lives or things happening around the world. I love this part of the podcast because it helps me stay updated on current events that are happening around the world without watching the depressing news. The second half of the episode they answer fitness/health questions that people have submitted.

With almost 1200 episodes, I have been listening to Mind Pump since the very beginning and have listened to every single episode. This is my #1 most favorite podcast. It is guaranteed you will learn and laugh in every episode. I hope to meet Mind Pump one day as they have truly changed my life! I have a better relationship with food and exercise because of their podcast.

They also sell workout programs in which I own 6 of them! I have been cycling them for 2 years straight and have made a lot of progress. I highly recommend you check them out if you don’t have a plan in the gym, want to gain muscle, gain strength, loose body fat, etc.

Broken Brain Podcast with Host Dhru Purohit podcast image


The Broken Brain Podcast with Dhru Purohit is a must listen if you want to level up your life. Dhru Purohit interviews top experts on mental health, relationships, functional health, fertility, stress, brain health and more!

My favorite thing about the podcast is that there are easy takeaways to each episode, and the interviewees communicate the topic easily.

The genius life with Max Lugavere podcast image


The podcast name says it all! The Genius life with Max Lugavere is an easy to understand podcast about how to optimize your life to live like a genius.

Max covers a wide range of health and wellness topics including supplementation, stress, brain health, environmental toxins, hormones, fat loss, women’s health topics, gut health, digestions, and more!

The Model Health Show podcast image


The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson is a podcast that gives you the best tools to maximize your body and mind! Shawn interviews the top experts in the world on all fitness and health topics.

If you are new in your health or fitness journey this is a must to listen to! I’ve been listening for 4 years, and to this day never miss an episode! Shawn is the most genuine person, and it really shows when he speaks his knowledge.

Heal Thy Self podcast image


Out of all the podcast I listen to, I never miss an episode of Heal Thy Self. I AM OBSESSED. This show gives you the knowledge you need to make lifestyle changes, and then empowers you to take action! It is hosted by Dr. Christian Gonzalez, which is a Naturopathic Doctor.

Dr. G starts the podcast off with a knowledge bomb, where he simply gives knowledge to one particular topic. My favorites have been about toxic/healthy mattresses, constipation, trauma, energy drinks, baby formula and personal care products. Dr. G then goes into a product review segment where he picks a topic such as “mattresses” and gives you knowledge on what products to avoid/buy.

This has been extremely helpful for me, as I don’t have hours to research products. The last part of the episode, Dr. G has a knowledgeable special guest on. If you feel overwhelmed about swapping to nontoxic, chemical-free cleaning products, nutrition, or you simply want to become empowered to live a healthier life, this podcast is for you!

PaleOMG uncensored with Juli Bauer podcast image


I freaking love this podcast. Juli makes the most boring things to talk about such as “breaking sugar addiction” incredibly entertaining. She is hilarious. Not one podcast goes by that I don’t bust up laughing.

My favorite thing about this podcast is that Juli isn’t afraid to be herself. She’ll say the things that everyone else is afraid to say. It’s truly unlike any other podcast you’ve listened to.

Fat Burning Man with Abel James podcast image


This podcast is so helpful for the average joe that doesn’t know a lot about fitness, health, or wellness. Abel James talks simple ways to transform your nutrition, training, and your mind so that you can be your best self!

Abel also gives tips on how to avoid deceptive food and health marketing tactics, so that you are empowered to making better decisions.

The Best Life Podcast image


This podcast feels like your talking to your two best friends about life. The Best Life Podcast covers relationships, money, success, mindset, entrepreneurship, and productivity. Every time I listen I have a “ah ha” moment and can relate to everything the girls are saying.

This podcast is everything you need, that you didn’t think you needed. My favorite episodes have been:

  • Ep. 134: Why Vigorous Exercise and Calorie Deficits Won’t Make You Loose Weight
  • Ep. 133: How to combat the Holiday Blues and Seasonal Depression
  • Ep. 125: Dealing with Holiday Obligations
Wellness Realness with Christina Rice podcast image


I’ve been listening to Christina for a couple years now! I love the knowledge Christina and her guest give out about holistic health. This podcast really helped me along my health journey. I also enjoy listening because we are around the same age, so I can relate to so many things!

Wellness Mama podcast image


The Wellness Mama is hosted by Katie Wells of If you haven’t checked her website out, I highly recommend it. Katie is the queen of wellness!

This podcast covers everything I’m interested in such as fitness, toxins, natural living, parenting, motherhood, and all things holistic health. If you are new to living a more non-toxic lifestyle, this podcast would be a great start for you as the episodes are easily communicated.

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